OPINION: Can mobile save the high street?

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This Christmas shopping season will be all about consumer adoption of mobile and tablet devices. While the proportion of consumers actually using a mobile to make a purchase remains a minority — just 28 per cent of US and 25 per cent of UK respondents said they have done so in our 2012 survey —  this group … Read more

CardFlight raises $1.6m to do mPOS and take in-app card payments

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CardFlight looks to be competing in two fast-growing markets. The first is mPOS, where firms like Square already supply thousands of traders with a card-reading dongle that turns phones into payment tills. It’s also going after the in-app card payments space  in which Stripe, Braintree, judo and others are flourishing. Thus, CardFlight provides its customers … Read more

Weve and MasterCard kickstart UK mobile NFC payments

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It started by offering the ability to send targeted messages to opted-in subscribers. Last week, it added similarly targeted display ads. Now comes the payment part. With this MasterCard partnership, Weve will give subscribers with an NFC phone the ability to store a wallet in their NFC SIM. This will be accessed via a wallet … Read more

MBTA launches US’s first ‘train tickets by smartphone’


Customers can now purchase and then display rail tickets and passes using the The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority’s mTicket app for iPhone and Android (Blackberry coming soon). The tickets are displayed as an encrypted barcode and as a ‘human readable’ ticket. They can buy the tickets with their phones too, via credit or debit card, … Read more