UK Visa cardholders made 94.3m contactless purchases in 2013

The card companies are desperate to show that consumers are embracing contactless payments. These latest figures do show the habit is growing, but it’s still a niche activity.

UK spend for 2013 was over £618 million, with £82 million being spent in December alone.

The number of purchases in Europe in 2013 was 340.1m, with Poland leading the charge.

Here are the top countries:

· Poland (158.7 million purchases)
· UK (94.3 million purchases)
· Czech Republic (30.6 million purchases)
· Slovakia (23.1 million purchases)
· Spain (17.5 million purchases)

There are now 32.1m Visa contactless cards in circulation in the UK, and 80.6m in Europe.

The average UK purchase value in 2013 was £6.09.

The number of contactless terminals nearly doubled in the UK to 300,000 in 2013, with M&S, Waitrose, Starbucks, Costa, Co-Op, Lidl, McDonalds and Boots all supporting the tech.

Visa didn’t give out any stats on mobile contactless payments. We can assume they are the equivalent of a rounding error at the moment.

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